Celebrate our U11 Athletes  

Our U11's are the future of our sport. The ADCKC has established a series of goals to direct the U11 Programs at our clubs.

  • To retain participation and enthusiastic interest of our U11 paddlers by providing a safe, encouraging environment for them to have fun, to improve their skills, and to compete. We should attempt to ensure that every atom paddler has an experience that is positive and self-affirming.
  • To improve and set a minimum skill level for our U11 coaches
  • To create a standard framework for U11 coaches now and in the future

Some of the keys to a successful U11 program are highly skilled and trained coaches, the "Canoe Kids" toolkit designed by CanoeKayak Canada, this promotes fun and motivating regattas and positive paddling experiences.

U11 Regatta Series

  • Over the course of July and August, there are 6 regattas for the U11 athletes. With the locations of the regattas being spread out over the HRM and other parts of the division, clubs will be entered in 2 different regattas over the summer.
  • These regattas are desinged specifically for U11 athletes and are not based off of winning, however performance and results are tracked and recorded.
  • These regattas give U11's an excellent opportunity to learn the basic skills of a regatta, and are crucial for the development of the young athletes.
  • The regattas always run from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. From 4:00pm - 5:30pm the athletes will be racing in K1's and C1's, and from 5:30pm - 7:00pm the athletes will be racing in K4's, C4's and C15's.
  • These regattas follow a different format than that of a regular regatta. Instead of having heats that start at a certain time and a certain lane that they must race in, the kids have a 90 minute window to line up and race as many times as they please.
  • At these regattas the U11 athletes will have access to free ADCKC accessories such as sunglasses and water tattoo's.

All Canoe Kids resources can be found here.

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