War Canoe Wednesdays

  • A new addition to the ADCKC this summer is our weekly event War Canoe Wednesdays. Through out Canada, war canoe is an event in regattas from the U11 ages, all the way up to the national level.  Whether it be a 200m U16 mixed race or a 1000m Junior men's final at nationals, war canoe is argueably the most intense and grueling race in our sport. War canoe is a tradition in our sport and has been a part of paddling for over a century.
  • War Canoe Wednesdays is a way for us to celebrate our tradition that we have had for so many years. Our goal is to restore the C-15 to its former glory. In these regattas, each club from the ADCKC may enter boats in age groups from U17 all the way up to the Masters division.
  • Entries for the regattas will be allowed up until 9:00am on the morning of the event, and the draw will be posted shortly after.



Fun Fact: Canada is the only country in the world with War Canoe included in our national program.