In February 2018, and in light of recent news regarding abuse suffered by athletes who had put their trust in the authorities of their sports,  the ADCKC adopted into its governing policies, the Canadian Policy on Prohibited Conduct in Sport, and the Code for Prohibited Conduct in Sport. These documents were created, and are regularly reviewed, by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and are meant to create a floor, below which conduct must never fall.  ADCKC has registered the adoption of these policies with the CCES.

The Policy provides the basis for the Code for Prohibited Conduct in Sport (the Code). The Code consists of expressly prohibited conduct and demands a procedurally fair adjudication process for the organizations and their affiliated members who are responsible for administering it, and for their respective members and participants who are bound by it. 

The Code may apply to discipline an individual for his or her conduct if that individual acted in the role of coach, official, volunteer or administrator and was during that time properly inside the jurisdiction of the Policy and the Code. 

The fact a person is not acting in the role of a coach, official, volunteer or administrator when a complaint regarding his or her previous conduct is brought forward is not a bar to proceeding pursuant to the Code.

Prohibited Conduct under The Code includes:

-Sexual Relations
-Sexual Misconduct
-Driving while Impaired
-Criminal Convictions
-Deliberate Cheating
-Concealment of Code Violations

You can submit a claim of prohibited conduct below in the e-mail form. Please note, you can choose to remain anonymous by not disclosing your e-mail address.

The Policy : The Code


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All reports will be received confidentially by our administrative coordinator, reviewed and acted upon. Any report will be taken serioulsy, and efforts will be made to verify any claims. The ADCKC is bound by mandatory reporting requirements if it becomes aware of potentailly illegal conduct, including the sexual contact with an athlete by a person in authority (Coach, Offical etc). The ADCKC cannot however act on speculation or rumour. Entering a report should not be taken lighlty, but the ADCKC encourages affected persons to come forward with the knowledge that they will be treated fairly and with respect.