ADCKC Athletes reach the podium six times at 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta

ADCKC Athletes reach the podium six times at the 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Maskwa’s Andrew Billard topped the podium and took GOLD in the U17 Men C-1 500m and U17 Men C-1 1000m.

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Later in the regatta, along with his C-2 partner Mathew O'Neill (Rideau), the Canadian crew captured silver in the U16/17 C-2 1000m and then bronze in the U16/17 C-2 200m.

Senobe’s Craig Johnson was the top finisher in the U16 Men K-1 500m event, bringing home the GOLD medal.


Banook’s Ian Gaudet captured bronze in the U17 Men K-1 200m.

ADCKC members of the 2019 Canadian Olympic Hopes Team:

Andrew Billard (Maskwa), Mens Canoe

Craig Johnson (Senobe), Mens Kayak

Ian Gaudet (Banook), Men’s Kayak

Xavier Levasseur (Cheema), Men’s Kayak

Anna O’Brien (Senobe), Womens Kayak