10 Pro Tips For Personal Bests In 2019

Be At Your Best in 2019

A new year brings new opportunities and a refreshing signature start to reset and try to switch it up or improve on what has been working.

Let’s set the stage for 2019 to be your best year yet when it comes to paddle sport training and your performance on the water. Here are 10 quick tips you should integrate into your training plans to get better, and make this a year to remember.

1) Set Your Sights On Something to Train For

Regardless of what stage you are in life, why not set yourself up this season with a goal or two in mind. Giving yourself a target to train for helps solidify the season and keeps you focused (positively) on making strides and improvements as you train towards that race, regatta, or trials.


2) Don’t Rush Your Technique

All things in good time. Don’t be too in a hurry to go fast that you sacrifice making the technical changes you need to make to paddle better, more efficiently, and safer for your body. Take the time early in the season to train smarter and make technical improvements. Paddlesport is a game of muscle memory, so repetitive strokes a certain way means a challenging task to correct mistakes or make improvements, so invest the time necessary to take improved strokes.

3) Be Proactive With Your Health

Don’t neglect ailing elements of your physique or psyche. Do the little things to set yourself up for success, and ensure you consult with a pro for advice where necessary.

*If you are in the Halifax area, we recommend our wonderful partner Cove Sport Therapy*

4) Make A Plan With Your Coach

Making goals translate into reality starts with working with the people around you that are there to help you improve and succeed. If you don’t have a designated coach, consider sharing your goals with a training partner (and vice versa) to push one another to succeed. Manifest your goals by speaking them, writing them down, and checking in on them.

5) Celebrate Your Wins

Each and every practice you should find ways to feel the positive momentum and take satisfaction in your progress. Don’t rush the moment and remember to celebrate those hurdles you’ve conquered.

6) Don’t Be “That Guy” In Your Training Group

Remember, it’s all about the journey, so don’t be the person that detracts from the experience for others. Rather, be a memorable part of the team, someone who is there to help others, and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. When things are fun and upbeat, the general rule of thumb is that athletes are thriving.

Listen to our New Year’s Resolution Podcast below for more detail:

7) Get Your Weight On The Blade!

Your comfort level with applying force, weight, and pressure onto the blade(s) of your paddle, while staying in control starts with your core strength and balance. You can always work to improve this balance and strength, and in doing so transfer your weight from a restrictive position (“in the boat or on the board”) to a positive transfer onto the water. Ultimately, this will create a more efficient glide and overall stroke, and likely a greater range of motion with a positive blade angle.

8) Be Fearless, Be A Racer

If you don’t challenge yourself in your 100% effort zone as a racer, when it comes time to race you’ll be far outside your comfort zone. The more you get to be in your happy place at maximal effort, the better a racer you’ll become. Remember, challenging yourself and your limits is fun and an opportunity, it’s not a threat. Enjoy the experience and make a good habit out of challenging yourself to win and really race vs. sitting back during maximal efforts. Trust us, you’ll know when you are truly working hard and racing. Ultimately, the more confidence you can develop in this space, the better you’ll separate from the pack.

9) You Are What You Eat… And Drink

Nutrition is so critical to your development. You are what you eat; when it comes to your training — your recovery, perceived energy, and available output are all tied to appropriate fuelling and nutritional habits. Be aware of what works for you and what doesn’t and prepare and respond accordingly.

A few things to think about:

  1. Track how your respond to caffeine.

  2. Limit empty calories like pop.

  3. Eat whole foods with lots of colour regularly.

  4. Ensure an adequate amount of protein in your diet.

  5. Make sure you are fuelling in a timely manner after training sessions.

*We recommend our partner Made With Local for healthy snacking.*

10) Guarantee Yourself a Restful Night

Just like part 9, sleep is pretty darn important too. Do yourself a favour and get some, and lose the screen before bed.

Here’s your checklist:

  1. Good book on the bed stand.

  2. In bed before 10 p.m.

  3. Give your mind a break and lay out anything in advance you’ll need for the morning that will make you restless.

  4. Limit harsh light, whether blue light form a screen or street lamps near your windows, lock it down.

Thanks for reading! Now do us a huge favour…

  1. Get after it in 2019!

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