Letter from Sports Excellence Lead regarding ADCKC Trials

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May 30, 2019

To all Athletes, Coaches & Parents,

I am writing you ahead of Atlantic Team Trials to voice the importance of the event. Unlike past years there is not an associated out of province regatta for the team. The purpose of ADCKC Trials is to form a ranking list to select the Atlantic Core Team. The purpose of the Atlantic Core Team is to encourage and support the development of athletes within the Division and to create a bridge to National Team selection. In addition, the Atlantic Team has a goal to improve its development and competitive ability in Paracanoe. There will be a named Atlantic Core Team, with a focused Gold Atlantic Core Team composed of Canada Games eligible athletes and U16 athletes. These selected athletes will be the primary focus of Atlantic Division actions and development initiatives.

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The reason for not attending an out of province regatta in the 2019 season is to allocate funding towards the future goals of the Atlantic Core Team. It is the intention of the ADCKC and myself to develop a strong Atlantic program that enables athletes to take the next step towards the national stage. Identification to the Atlantic Core Team may offer the selected athletes access to (but not limited to)...

  • Competitive opportunity

  • Training camp invitation

  • Training program support

  • Travel subsidies

  • Grant application endorsements

  • Integrated support team backing

  • Educational opportunities

  • Inclusion in provincial team actions

Creating a well-rounded program of excellence requires involvement from all parties. I am excited to see the talent and depth of our division at the upcoming trials, and I am encouraged about the future of the ADCKC.  

Jake Jeannot

Sport Excellence Lead

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