Day 1 Podium Results from the 2019 Canoe Kayak Sprint National Championships

Day 1 Podium Results from ADCKC athletes at 2019 Canoe Kayak Sprint National Championships! Pictured is Ian Gaudet (Gold, Banook), Craig Johnson (Silver, Senobe), and Cole Parsons (Bronze, Banook) in the U16 Men K-1 1000m. 


Junior Women K-1 1000m

Gold: Ashley Card, Maskwa 04:14.399

Silver: Grace Whebby, Micmac 04:16.105

Junior Women C-1 1000m

Gold: Marlee Macintosh, Maskwa 04:48.339

Junior Men C-1 1000m

Bronze: Nick Baert, Senobe 04:07.820

U16 Women K-1 1000m

Bronze: Raine Myers, Banook 04:22.447

U16 Women C-1 1000m

Silver: Geneva Bond, Maskwa 04:40.108

Bronze: Ava Carew, Senobe 04:44.384

U16 Men K-1 1000m

Gold: Ian Gaudet, Banook 03:48.450

Silver: Craig Johnson, Senobe 03:53.480

Bronze: Cole Parsons, Banook 03:54.400

U18 Women C-1 1000m

Silver: Jessica Mackay, Maskwa 04:55.519

U18 Men C-1 1000m

Gold: Andrew Billard, Maskwa 04:06.360

Senior Women K-1 1000m

Gold: Michelle Russell, Cheema 04:01.105

Senior Men K-1 1000m

Silver: Marshall Hughes, Cheema 03:36.992

Senior Men C-1 1000m

Gold: Craig Spence, Cheema 03:54.979

Silver: Connor Fitzpatrick, Senobe 03:55.243

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